• A.01
  • An Incomplete History of Pierced Vessels

by Coral Saucedo Lomelí
56 pages, 9.25 x 13 in
First Edition, 250 copies
ISBN 978-1-9160024-1-8

$28.00 USD, USA Intl

An Incomplete History of Pierced Vessels shows a selection of works from Coral Saucedo Lomelí’s Pierced Vessels series, alongside related research and notes. Saucedo’s clay vessels are sometimes long and tubular, other times slick and pitted. Some are interpretations of pipes and urban fixtures of her native Mexico City; turned upside down, they became drains, sieves, then sculptures, glazed and stacked like totems, broken into shards or printed onto paper. Through permeable gathered references and her own elliptical notes, Saucedo explores the meanings and functions of a vessel. The book is riddled with holes—just as important as what the text and images hold is what they let through. With introduction by Meg Miller and design by Ben Schwartz and Patrick Slack.